I'M SAM






    CEO of Vimbly Group

    - raised in Detroit

    - scuba dive in warm water

    - generally don't believe in the worthwhileness of umbrellas

  • About

    Sam Lundin is the founder and CEO of Vimbly Group, which invests in and grows technology-enabled companies.


    Vimbly Group operates a portfolio of businesses (in which it has minority or controlling interests), into which it has contributed its IP and is responsible for the technology strategy and infrastructure. Today the Vimbly Group consists of 9 business units.


    Sam has been featured in both print and television media such as Fox News, Bloomberg, CBS, and Business Insider.


    Sam is a scuba enthusiast, handstand practitioner, and avid reader.

  • Interviews

    Bloomberg TV

    Fox News


    Fox Business

    Fox News

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    Smart Business Revolution - Podcast

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    eCom Exits - Podcast

    The 3 Roles to Improve Your Business with Sam Lundin, CEO of Vimbly Group

  • Background

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    "Vimbly is like OpenTable for activities" -TechCrunch

    The Vimbly Group got started in 2011 as Vimbly.com.


    Today, the Vimbly Group is a collection of businesses including software and eCommerce companies.

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    Tech Investing

    Perry Capital

    Prior to launching Vimbly, Sam was a tech investor at Perry Capital, an $8 billion international hedge fund. During this time, he was responsible for $300 million of investments and became the firm's primary technology analyst.

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    Tech M&A


    Before Perry Capital, Sam was a technology investment banker at Lazard, specializing in mergers & acquisitions.

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    Cornell University

    BS in Applied Economics & Management

    Summa cum laude

  • Experiences

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    Bull Riding School

    New Caney, Texas

    Many years ago, I went to bull riding school in Texas. Of my 30 person class, three or four went to the hospital. (Everyone ended up fine.)

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    Motorcycle License

    Bronx, NY

    I have a motorcycle driver license that I do not actually use. But if there were a zombie apocalypse in NYC and we're stuck on a rooftop with only a motorbike to spare -- I got this. At least for two of us.

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    Scuba Diving

    Advanced Open Water Diver

    I once ran out of air while scuba diving and had to emergency surface. Afterwards I laid down to think through my life choices that led me to that moment. That reflection is in the past. I still scuba dive every year.